Transcend Air / Aircraft Industry

Keeper Development / Real Estate & Rentals

Lakeview Dermatology / Health

When cosmetic changes did not suffice, Lakeview Dermatology, a Division of Illinois Dermatology Institute, LLC commissioned Image Factory for the redesign of their brand and website. The project required the full gamut of our expertise in AdWords management, logo plus identity design, re-branding, and website redesign.

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Nations Surety / Miscellaneous

With the launching of the Nations Surety website Image Factory has developed and implemented an innovative solution to generate a large number of interactive forms required for this project. We created a custom, highly flexible online application built into the website's Content Management System, which would allow our client to easily generate practically any layout, structure, or number of fields desired for the website’s large number of different forms.

On the front end we have integrated this system into a streamlined online application process which allows users to get the exact form they need in 3 easy steps. An attractive interface places this simple 3 steps process immediately in front of the visitors on the home page encouraging users to place an order immediately. In addition we have optimized the entire website to maximize organic traffic.

In the following months we expect both the form generator and the user friendly application process to grant our client a high conversion rate and the flexibility for scalable, easy content creation.

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Pasta D'Arte / Restaurants

"Because Image Factory is so detail oriented I felt that they gave us the time and energy needed to complete our project without cutting corners or taking the easy way out." Mark Gianinni, Pasta D'Arte Trattoria
Pasta D'Arte is a tiny, locationally challenged restaurant in Chicago's Norwood Park neighborhood. When Mark Gianinni approached Image Factory for the overhaul of Pasta D'Arte's identity and website, his ambitions were commensurable only to his talent as a chef.  For months, Mark was shy to go live with the online ordering system, expecting the minuscule kitchen to be overwhelmed by demand.
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Elytron Aircraft / Miscellaneous

"This is the way it's done, from zero to superb in one week! Unbelievable!" Gregory Bruell, ELYTRON Aircraft
Elytron Aircraft LLC and Gregory Bruell comissioned Image Factory with the quick development of the Elytron Aircraft and its new logo/identity.
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Latitude20 / Restaurants

Image Factory has envisioned the online image for this former Chicago food truck as a fun, urban-contemporary twist away from the typical overly decorated Bollywood look attached to most Indian restaurants. Our initial logo proposal went through some transformations due to vision differences between our clients, so the result is somewhat of a compromise. As it is most times the case with a group of partnering clients, bringing them all on the same page for design decisions was the continuous challenge of this project. We think that in this case the multiple revisions eventually benefited our logo design project.
However, due to multiple internal disagreements, our clients decided to give up on the food truck project in less than 2 months after it was launched, and the Latitude20 food truck has been removed from the streets of Chicago at the end of it's short lived first summer season. 
We still care about this "retired" project, and decided to add it to our portfolio due to the many innovative graphic and web design solutions as well as the forward-thinking programming ideas it has incorporated.
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Noon O Kabab / Restaurants

"In recent months after signing on with Image Factory, we've noticed an increase in our revenue followed by many compliments from our customers." Javad Mir Naghavi, Noon-O-Kabab
Early in 2009 Mir Naghavi, the owner of Noon-O-Kabab, a Persian restaurant in the North –West side of Chicago approached Image Factory for a complete overhaul of their website.
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Kabul House / Restaurants

"Everything from the initial website design to the final implementation and support is fantastic and top quality." Akmal Qazi, Kabul House
Kabul House is a family owned Afghan restaurant with a growing group of followers due to its exceptional food, value, and hospitality. A resilient business, Kabul House changed locations, hands, and even added a second facility while we were engaged in this project.
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Basil Leaf Cafe / Restaurants

"If you're looking for a website designed to turn visitors into customers then I highly recommend Image Factory." Sean Tehrani, Basil Leaf Cafe
Sean Tehrani, the owner of Basil Leaf Cafe is a seasoned restaurateur who over many years owned and managed several eateries in Chicago and many other locations, including the West coast. Basil Leaf is an anchor in Chicago's trendy  Lincoln Park.
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S.O.S. Children's Life / Miscellaneous

In 2013 Image Factory has designed and donated the logo, a flier, and a banner for SOS Children's Life in preparation for their June 1st International Children's Day event. SOS Children's Life is a charitable organization focusing on providing humanitarian help to orphans and impoverished families in Romania starting with basic needs, healthcare assistance, and education. Image Factory is committed to helping this charity and several others providing the much needed humanitarian support for orphanages and children causes.
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Summit / Health

Summit Home Health is a Personal Nursing Services headquartered in Oak Brook, IL. helping patients recuperate in the comfort of their own home versus recovering in a hospital or assisted living facility.
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Oliveaire / Special Events

"Laszlo and his design team are very detail oriented and knowledgeable in the inner workings of a successful website." Forrest Moody, Oliveaire Artisan Events

Lucero Latin Catering / Special Events

"Our website and logo give our clients a curious itch to find out more about us and our foods." Lucero Martinez, Lucero Latin Catering

Kidz Academy / Education

Ambarc / Construction

GirlFriday / Miscellaneous

"I have worked with Image Factory on at least three projects for my company (...)They have created, developed my logo and website. Words cannot describe how well Image Factory works with their clients, you just have to try it yourself to truly be amazed, and happily surprised that service such as theirs, and quality still exists." Andreea Pfeifer, GirlFriday
One of our long time clients, Andreea Pfeifer returned to Image Factory for a full redesign of Girl Friday, a Chicago cleaning service. We returned to her project and designed a far more complex online presence for a successful business that has grown and matured. The new reflects this change with new features such as a ?Before and After" gallery, support for gift certificates, an interactive Areas Served page, and of course a mobile version.
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CleanCC / Miscellaneous

Clean CC is a Chicago based residential cleaning service startup. We have designed for this small business an enterprise-class logo and identity as well as a clean, simple presentation website with a sophisticated CMS and complex features just like for our larger clients. Most importantly, through meticulous Search Engine Optimization we were able to empower this startup with immediate visibility: from December 2013 to March 2014 the website jumped on Alexa's 's global popularity index from 14.000.000 to a ranking of a little more than 300.000 and this is a continuous upward trend.
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