Noon O Kabab / Restaurants

"In recent months after signing on with Image Factory, we've noticed an increase in our revenue followed by many compliments from our customers." Javad Mir Naghavi, Noon-O-Kabab


Early in 2009 Mir Naghavi, the owner of Noon-O-Kabab, a Persian restaurant in the North –West side of Chicago approached Image Factory for a complete overhaul of their website.


We concluded that in addition to the revamped website Noon-O-Kabab needs a new identity and full rebranding. We knew that by empowering Noon-O-Kabab’s website with e-commerce capabilities the restaurant could add an edge to its new online presence. Our vision was that Noon-O-Kabab has the potential to exploit Chicago’s appetite for food diversity. We envisioned that our intervention would turn Noon-O-Kabab into an attractive, highly visible ethnic restaurant expanding its reach as a fine dining destination but also as a user friendly online food ordering source.


We decided that Noon-O-Kabab would stand out not only as a generic Middle Eastern but more specifically as a traditional Persian restaurant. The concept of the logo was based on typically Persian ogive shaped decorative motifs combined with the Universal perception of sun/warmth (radiant yellow on black background), and perfection (circle/symmetry). Our branding concept was to embrace the rather well established Noon-O-Kabab name that already had an embedded sense of symmetry around the middle O letter. We added to the classic and balanced Persian symbolism a contemporary, westernized, clean design.
Based on our approach behind this logo concept we then redesigned all menus and printed materials to reflect this new brand image. We even came up with a new slogan: “Food with Persianality “– a playfully twist of words that combined “personality” with Persian, emphasizing both individuality and tradition.
The website has a heavy Persian heritage imprint. Most backgrounds are inspired by the iconic Persepolis bas-reliefs. The same imagery and color theme was applied to all collateral, window decals, and the awning.
Image Factory's positive impact through our branding concept and online marketing turned the neighborhood restaurant into a destination for desirable Downtown and Gold Coast patrons. The intuitive custom e-commerce solutions bring over $200K annually in online revenue to the restaurant.
Our SEO drives an average of 3,500 organic visits per month, with a median conversion rate of 10%, both well above the business average. is indexed on the first page of Google searches for such meaningful keywords as “Middle Eastern restaurant Chicago”. “Persian restaurant Chicago” (3 times on the first page), or “Middle Eastern food Chicago”.