Kabul House / Restaurants

"Everything from the initial website design to the final implementation and support is fantastic and top quality." Akmal Qazi, Kabul House


Kabul House is a family owned Afghan restaurant with a growing group of followers due to its exceptional food, value, and hospitality. A resilient business, Kabul House changed locations, hands, and even added a second facility while we were engaged in this project.


We saw the potential of this reputable ethnic eatery to become a gem among Chicagoland’s Middle Eastern restaurants. Image Factory envisioned for the Kabul House branding an image that would include traditional Afghan folklore elements with a hint to the Muslim culture but also to their rough desert landscape.
However, the transition between locations and ownership from one generation to another created a temporary financial instability for the restaurant. While our client was going through the tribulations of moving Kabul House to its present Skokie location we decided to ensure at least a stable online presence with a temporary web page.


The temp page staying up throughout these transitions was a tremendously helpful  idea, as it resulted in a consistent traffic increase that eventually established both the current flow of visitors and the website’s indexing seniority: as an immediate outcome, when the finalized website was published it already had a 3 Google ranking. Now, due to its seniority and Image Factory’s search engine optimization it enjoys first page positions for such keywords as “Afghan cooking”, “Afghan cuisine Chicago”, “Afghan restaurant Chicago”, “Middle Eastern restaurant Skokie” and many more.
Through the identity we have designed for Kabul House we believe we’ve accomplished to present this small but vibrant restaurant as an elegant, well established dining place.
The logo integrates a mosque dome and flames symbolizing the warm Afghan hospitality but also the authenticity of the freshly cooked food. The blade-like elongated K letter subtly resembles the Afghan traditional swords.
The menus are consistent with the imagery and color scheme of the website: rich browns integrate Afghan decorative motifs along with saturated sand-like backgrounds.