Andreea Pfeifer

Owner at GirlFriday

Project: GirlFriday
I have worked with Image Factory on at least three projects for my company, that of my husband, and for my parents. Their work first and foremost is the most innovative, creative and the thing that separates Image Factory from the rest. They go beyond “customer service” and the “client is right” to insure the product and service they will deliver is not only the best but also the most innovative. They have created, developed my logo and website, and although it has been almost three (3) years since the completion of our first project, they are still very helpful in assisting me and my staff with ANY small detail and question that we may need assistance with.
Words cannot describe how well Image Factory works with their clients, you just have to try it yourself to truly be amazed, and happily surprised that service such as theirs, and quality still exists.
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Gregory Bruell

CEO & Co-Founder at ELYTRON Aircraft

Project: Elytron Aircraft
This is the way it's done, from zero to superb in one week! Unbelievable!
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Stephanie Subu

St. Mary Church

Project: St. Mary Orthodox
Working with Image Factory was a very positive experience for designing a custom web page from scratch.
I had experience in working with already made templates, so to begin designing pages from the beginning was a welcomed adventure! Our old website was static, unappealing and did not serve to maximize our outreach to seekers and usability among our parishioners.  Our growing parish knew it was time to give our website a makeover.
As providence would have it, a woman who visited our parish happened to have worked for Image Factory. She found us on the web, but saw how poor our website was. She approached our parish about designing a new website template to demonstrate how a striking, yet functional website could impact our parish growth and presence on the web. She designed a basic template to demonstrate the color palette, artistic elements and function of the pages/navigation, based on the feel of our parish community. She was spot on! Once parish council agreed to pursue a website make over, it was my job to be responsible for all communication with Image Factory from beginning to end.  The most amazing part was all my correspondence was communicated by e-mail, by my choice. No phone calls. No physical meeting. Mr. Revesz and his team had no trouble understanding our vision to the design changes to the original template design to make it customized to our needs. This can be very hard to do through email, as it can leave lots of room for interpretation. Mr. Revesz was always very professional and respectful in his response to any questions, inquiries or requests made by our website development team. Most importantly, he was very patient, which is necessary when working with churches. We do not make decisions hastily.  
Aside from the fabulous design, our key reason for choosing Image Factory was their “no brainer” Content Management system. I have used many CM’s from other companies… and most were awkward at best.    Most CM’s required too many steps or some knowledge in HTML/Visual Basic to make template pages be more personalized. When working with a church community based on volunteerism, it is important to have CM that can be easily learned by users of all ages. Also, I can update our parish information much more quickly than with our previous website. It is very intuitive. I have also increased my knowledge of how to embed video and graphic links into my pages since at the press of a button, I can access the HTML view and figure out where the embedding instructions would go. Very handy for posting You-Tube sermons on a weekly basis, as well as other organizations that have included HTML ready graphics/video to copy and post on websites.
Our website has been “live” since September 2011. Our investment was worth every parishioner donation. We have seen a huge increase in visitor traffic to our site, as well as coming through our church doors. Their primary reason for visiting us? Our webpage spoke to them and they found our site to match the warm feel of parish community, which they hoped to find true. I cannot express our gratefulness that we made this change. Thanks Image Factory!
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Sean Tehrani

Basil Leaf Cafe

Project: Basil Leaf Cafe
To a restaurant owner a website is to provide information about your restaurant’s menu, address and phone numbers…well this was only true until I met with Laszlo at Image Factory. If you're looking for a website designed to turn visitors into customers then I highly recommend Image Factory. Not only do they create extremely attractive websites, they create websites that get results!
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Forrest Moody

Oliveaire Artisan Events

Projects: Global Event Resource, Oliveaire
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Image Factory on the design of our website.  Creating a design and image from scratch can be a very trying and stressful time.  Laszlo’s patience and plethora of ideas helps us navigate this potentially overwhelming time very smoothly.  Laszlo and his design team are very detail oriented and knowledgeable in the inner workings of a successful website and the inter-connectability to other social media platforms and the ever popular SE Optimization.  I would highly recommend their service to anyone looking to create a new website or simply update an outdated site. 
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Lucero Martinez

Lucero Latin Catering

Project: Lucero Latin Catering
Image Factory created a vision that went beyond our eyes. Our website and logo give our clients a curious itch to find out more about us and our foods. The compliments we get on our website and cards are endless. Thank you for all your help Image Factory.
Lucero Martinez – Lucero Latin Catering
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Javad Mir Naghavi


Project: Noon O Kabab
At the beginning, we really had some doubts about spending so much money on developing a website and the creation of our logo. However, in recent months after signing on with Image Factory, we've noticed an increase in our revenue followed by many compliments from our customers. So, thank you, Laszlo and Image Factory for this amazing creation you have brought to our business.

We will definitely recommend Image Factory to anyone that wants to bring their business to the next level.
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Akmal Qazi

Kabul House

Project: Kabul House
Working with Image Factory for our website has been very easy & accommodating. Words cannot describe the remarkable work they have done in all aspects of our web development. Not to mention that they were lenient and patient with us in hard times; which has truly flourished into a wonderful friendship and I really do mean that from the bottom of my heart. Image Factory will go the extra mile which has gained my trust and support in having them deal with everything from my web development to tying in concept and design. Unlike many other companies that just want to get the job done and collect pay, they actually care in improving your business in all aspects. They are the epitome of "your success is my success". Everything from the initial website design to the final implementation and support is fantastic and top quality. The team has always been a pleasure to deal with: polite, responsive, professional and most importantly, highly talented.
I cannot emphasize enough how strongly we would recommend Image Factory's services.
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Mark Gianinni

Pasta D'Arte Trattoria

Project: Pasta D'Arte
I felt very comfortable working with Laszlo Revesz and his crew at Web Image Factory; any issue or concern we had Lazslo was most confidant (and with good reason) that he and his staff could work through any situation.  He is very detail oriented and I even found it fun brainstorming with him on new ideas or approaches to reach new clientele.  Because Image Factory is so detail oriented I felt that they gave us the time and energy needed to complete our project without cutting corners or taking the easy way out..  I really enjoyed working with Laszlo and even a year after he finished our website he is helping us to promote our name and get Pasta D'arte to be a name that all Chicagoans will know.  I would refer Web Image Factory to anyone in need of graphic and web design, I already have referred my friends and family.

Mark Giannini and  Eric Luchinski
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