Laszlo Revesz

Managing Director

Laszlo is a good listener and a shrewd marketer. He denies workaholism accusations on the premise that if one loves what one does it hardly can be defined as work, much less hard work. With a background in graphic design and extensive online marketing expertise, he runs Image Factory much like a Swiss watch factory. Perfectionist? Maybe, but clients are happy, and due to referrals, Laszlo does not have to spend on advertising.

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Alina Alexandru

Art Director

Alina has mostly creativity in her DNA. Image Factory's team and clients are more aware of her awesome talent then she is. But Alina's modesty does not reflect in her work: she creates bold graphics pushing the boundaries of graphic design. A Photoshop master, Alina will instantly translate the essence and substance of your business into digital or printed imagery as she softly speaks in colors and shapes.
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Octavian Pintilie

Senior Developer

Tavi is an opinionated wizard overflowing with personality, ideas, and talent. He inhales technology  like we do fresh air, then he exhales flaming code, like a dragon.
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Adrian Nastase


When Adrian takes a photo, the subject turns dull in comparison with his image. His shots are visually arresting. Don't trust these words: his camera work on this website is pretty convincing. For instance, it's punishing to look at his food photos if you are hungry, but if you are a restaurant owner, let Adrian bring your patrons to the table with his mouth watering photos. The fact that his personality brings the best out of his subjects also helps.
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Andra Lazar

Social Media Marketing Manager

Andra might be soft spoken, but don't let your guard down: she is a fierce organizer and a perfectionist. Young and courageous, she will conquer your clients' hearts and minds with her unapologetic yet charming wittiness.
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Ioana Vasiloiu

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Ioana is a Facebook for Business super expert. She loves her work and her work loves her back. Result oriented, Ioana sleeps little so she could harness the power of Facebook while you sleep a plenty.
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Bogdan Stan

Junior Developer

Bogdan is very young and very talented. He is a fast learner and a fast drummer too in his rock band. He is on his way to master the world of programming while we are drumming up his abilities.
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