Lakeview Dermatology / Health


When cosmetic changes did not suffice, Lakeview Dermatology, a Division of Illinois Dermatology Institute, LLC commissioned Image Factory for the redesign of their brand and website. The project required the full gamut of our expertise in AdWords management, logo plus identity design, re-branding, and website redesign.


The previous version of contained a high volume of information that was manually added in convoluted, unstructured, disorganized pages. Prior developers used numerous black-hat methods to create backlinks and increase traffic through thousands of unrelated keywords to the dermatology field. Multiple Google rules violations before we took over the website was nearly compromised on Google.
In addition, Lakeview Dermatology's AdWords campaigns were gravely inefficient, with unrelated keywords attracting many mislead visits.


The result is a new, clean look with logical navigation allowing easy access to hundreds of informative pages about dermatology. Patients have the choice to browse or search for specific conditions and treatments.

An intuitive, user friendly CMS allows quick editing and updating of the website’s extensive content and photographic material. The scalability of the design allowed the addition of a second section for cosmetic products.  It has a similar layout yet all its pages look as an online store dedicated to the brands and products on sale.

In addition, the mobile version of designed to work on all mobile devices, regardless of operating system or browser type is just as easy to navigate. The mobile version’s home screen features click-to-call buttons for each of the 4 locations, and one click Google Maps GPS access on smartphones.  The mobile version is synchronized with the desktop’s content management system.
Image Factory currently manages all Lakeview Dermatology’s  AdWords campaigns as well as their website's Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Networks marketing and online marketing. Lately, due to our diligent adjustments, there is a 40% reduction in campaign costs with a significant increase in conversions, and our clients enjoy a much higher ROI. Organic traffic is also at record high, and bounce rates at all time low.