Elytron Aircraft / Miscellaneous

"This is the way it's done, from zero to superb in one week! Unbelievable!" Gregory Bruell, ELYTRON Aircraft


Elytron Aircraft LLC and Gregory Bruell comissioned Image Factory with the quick development of the Elytron Aircraft and its new logo/identity.


The project had to be finalized within 7 days of arduous work.


The result is a modern single webpage design with a fixed top navigation bar and full CMS capability.  The navigation is smooth and the page loads very fast. A speed test on Google Developer gave speed results of 97 out of 100 on a desktop computer.
The new logo, inspired by the shape of this revolutionary aircraft, is the result of a 3 way brainstorming session between the client and our design team.  By itself, this approach was a premiere for Image Factory: at our client's initiative for the first time we sat down in front of our computers together and using shared screens we involved the client directly in the creative process. The result was surprisingly good: in a few hours the new logo was born, and since the client has contributed it was instantly adopted. No more unproductive, interminable concept work, and trial-and-error e-mail exchanges caused by vision conflicts. Now we seriously consider using this method in future projects as well.