Pasta D'Arte / Restaurants

"Because Image Factory is so detail oriented I felt that they gave us the time and energy needed to complete our project without cutting corners or taking the easy way out." Mark Gianinni, Pasta D'Arte Trattoria
Pasta D'Arte is a tiny, locationally challenged restaurant in Chicago's Norwood Park neighborhood. When Mark Gianinni approached Image Factory for the overhaul of Pasta D'Arte's identity and website, his ambitions were commensurable only to his talent as a chef.  For months, Mark was shy to go live with the online ordering system, expecting the minuscule kitchen to be overwhelmed by demand.
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Noon O Kabab / Restaurants

"In recent months after signing on with Image Factory, we've noticed an increase in our revenue followed by many compliments from our customers." Javad Mir Naghavi, Noon-O-Kabab
Early in 2009 Mir Naghavi, the owner of Noon-O-Kabab, a Persian restaurant in the North –West side of Chicago approached Image Factory for a complete overhaul of their website.
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Kabul House / Restaurants

"Everything from the initial website design to the final implementation and support is fantastic and top quality." Akmal Qazi, Kabul House
Kabul House is a family owned Afghan restaurant with a growing group of followers due to its exceptional food, value, and hospitality. A resilient business, Kabul House changed locations, hands, and even added a second facility while we were engaged in this project.
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Basil Leaf Cafe / Restaurants

"If you're looking for a website designed to turn visitors into customers then I highly recommend Image Factory." Sean Tehrani, Basil Leaf Cafe
Sean Tehrani, the owner of Basil Leaf Cafe is a seasoned restaurateur who over many years owned and managed several eateries in Chicago and many other locations, including the West coast. Basil Leaf is an anchor in Chicago's trendy  Lincoln Park.
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S.O.S. Children's Life / Miscellaneous

In 2013 Image Factory has designed and donated the logo, a flier, and a banner for SOS Children's Life in preparation for their June 1st International Children's Day event. SOS Children's Life is a charitable organization focusing on providing humanitarian help to orphans and impoverished families in Romania starting with basic needs, healthcare assistance, and education. Image Factory is committed to helping this charity and several others providing the much needed humanitarian support for orphanages and children causes.
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RTS / Special Events

Oliveaire / Special Events

"Laszlo and his design team are very detail oriented and knowledgeable in the inner workings of a successful website." Forrest Moody, Oliveaire Artisan Events

Twister Tube / Retail

OVY Transylvanian Bakery & Catering / Restaurants