Why how we work could work for you

First, we assess your best competitors to examine their approach and why they are successful. We analyze their strengths and discuss ways to capitalize on them as well as their weaknesses and how to avoid possible pitfalls. Our preliminary report will include all of this information for you.

Then, just like good actors, we assume the role of your client. From this perspective, we can see what your consumer wants and design the optimal image to capture his or her attention. Your brand, your business, and your products will be conceptualized by a unique, eye-catching logo. The general look, layout, and atmosphere of your web pages, the right color scheme, and intuitive navigation scheme will draw casual visitors in to a pleasant user experience and convert them to clients.

From the moment a visitor lands on your website, we have a mere fraction of a second to grab their attention, focus it on your product, and persuade them to purchase. Here’s where the Image Factory’s creative juices really begin to flow! Our recipe for success consists of a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology related to marketing, and astute functional design sprinkled liberally with common sense and that necessary pinch of luck.

We place these raw materials into the machinery– our rock solid programming platform built into your web pages.. Behind the pixel perfect looks and streamlined front end functions, we develop a content management system that empowers you to independently master the full content of your website as you please. You will be able to take orders, change prices, add pages, edit text, integrate multimedia, upload photos, manage contact lists, and communicate with current and potential clients through newsletters and promotional offers. We test and debug your fully developed website to be compatible on popular browsers. We ensure that your entire system is stable for the long haul and technically fully compliant. We optimize, in minute detail, each page for instant display and minimal memory consumption. Then, we optimize your website to its bone marrow, so that search engines fly, not crawl, to your best keywords, indexing all pages for maximum exposure in search results.

The above-named features are not special treatment, but rather standard operating procedure for each client. Image Factory’s track record shows that we have mastered the tools to empower you and your website with all the ingredients for success.

Finally, once your project is completed, we don’t rest on our laurels. Like an alert watchman, we follow the trajectory of your web presence for years. We care about your success and feel we owe this to you and to your project. Client satisfaction is our culture, our very lifeblood, because your success leads to ours. We value building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. You have entrusted us with your online bread and butter, we must prove we deserve your trust and return the favor.

Is this the “old fashioned” way of doing business? Well, we believe that good manners, professionalism, care for what we do and for whom we do it will never go out of style.