Questions you might have, and our answers:

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.
Our expertise encompasses: Graphic Design, Identity Design, Branding, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, AdWords administration, Web Based Applications, Web Site Development, Content Management Systems, E-commerce, Mobile Applications and Mobile Web Presence, Social Networks Marketing, with a holistic, client-centered, result-oriented approach to each project. We offer creative, enterprise level solutions, and embrace challenges. We prefer long term strategic alliances with high-expectation clients.
If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?
Try to get straight answers about the portfolio of a service provider, clear results. A proven track record, the difference they made for a former client. How was their relationship with clients? Did they follow up? Did the service providers make themselves available in a timely fashion to fix problems? Pricing much below the market cost should also be alarming. Another matter of concern is when a service provider is unable to explain in laymen terms technical solutions, or provide logical explanations for an adopted strategy or solution they want to implement. Beware of generic terms instead of project specific solutions.
Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?
We have a holistic approach, trying to cover all angles and all needs. We ALWAYS put ourselves in the shoes of our client's client, and we try to find the simplest, most user friendly solutions for them. We start our projects by first clearly defining our client's goals. We study their best competitors and learn what they do well and where are their weaknesses. We outline a strategy, justify it and discuss it with our clients, and then implement it. We follow up to make sure the solution was right. We admit to our mistakes and fix them. We are transparent from one end to the other of a project. We look for the most cost effective solution.
Describe three recent jobs you've completed.
Here are three typical Image Factory projects:
·         Re-branding and full web presence redesign for a Chicago based medical facility. Custom, dynamic CMS for their high-complexity website. Long term partnership with our client resulted in search results organic top positioning for dozens of their most meaningful keywords, and exponential increase of their conversion rate.
·         Website overhaul of a major Chicago University's Cardiology section.
·         Online core application and data processing development for a Detroit based pre-employment screening company, interfacing multiple highly secured online screening resources.
What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?
Can you solve my problem? How? How is your solution going to improve my bottom line? Why did you choose this solution, and what other alternatives would be available? Why are they less attractive? What strategy will you implement, and why? Is your solution specific to my needs? Is the solution within my budget? Is it cost effective? How? Is it technically feasible? Is your solution versatile and flexible? Are you up-to-date with the latest technology available? Will you provide technical support and training? Can you show me your previous work? Can you provide references? Can I count on your help if your work might need repairs?
What do you like most about your job?
Diversity, the challenge, and finding the right solutions. The concept work until ideas become realistic solutions. Discovering the best alternative, and the satisfaction of finding out we were right. The quest for our clients' success. Learning that we made a difference for the long run. The referrals coming from happy customers. The long term relationships with our business partners. The alternative, “out of the box”solutions. The ability to always do something new. Winning over our clients competition. Earning our appreciation and our money. The creative challenges and the creative solutions in our work. The ability to effectively use our expertise. Trying to be the best at what we do.
Why San Diego?
We find San Diego an intriguing American city. While there is no doubt that Chicago, the city we left behind, is the most vibrant Metropolis of the Midwest, San Diego stands out as a great destination for many Americans and foreign visitors alike Yet San Diego somehow managed avoiding to turn into a typical touristy, overcrowded, overpolluted vacation town.
San Diego is perhaps the best place to live on Earth, yet somehow it is still not overpopulated. It has great colleges and universities, a large number of young students from all over the world, yet it has not become a noisy student vacation Mecca as many cities in Florida have.
We believe that San Diego can offer us fantastic opportunities: we specialize in websites for restaurants, and San Diego has an incredible number of excellent eateries. San Diego is perhaps the hottest US real estate market, and we are experts in real estate marketing. And since our clients are all over the world, why not live and work in San Diego, the finest city in America?