The first meeting

Whether your business is in San Diego, on the West Coast, or anywhere in the world, with every new project, we meet you as a blank canvas ready to receive your dreams, thoughts, and concepts. Through a series of questions, similar to those below, we work to help you clarify and refine your ideas and expectations.

• Professionally, how would you define yourself?
• What is your business model?
• Who are your clients?
• Who is your competition?
• Why do you think you need an online presence?
• How do you think it could benefit you?
• How soon?
• Does your budget include online marketing?
• What are your favorite websites?
• Which websites do you dislike and why?

These initial meetings are an exciting and lively exchange of ideas. Allow plenty of time, and bring along a notebook. Our hope is that, when you leave, you will know that you have made the right choice.