If You Are Not Mobile You Are Immobilized
Is your website able to reach the more than 128 million Americans with smart phones? Here are some facts:

- 91% of smart phone users have their phone’s within arms’ reach at all times.
- Mobile coupons receive 10X higher redemption rates than print coupons.
- 1/2 of mobile searches lead to purchase.
   Search Engine Land)
- 70% of mobile searches lead to action in 1 hour.
Mobile is growing and so should your business. Don't get left behind, we can help. 

We use responsive design on all our newly developed websites. The relatively new technology basically allows webpages to adapt to any screen resolution and screen size, from large monitors to tiny smartphones and tablets, regardless of browsers or operating systems.
In addition, all our content management systems for editing and managing our websites are responsive. What this means is that our clients are enabled to update their websites on their mobile devices from anywhere. This is a huge convenience! For instance, the pricing or inventory data requiring frequent changes on e-commerce websites can be accessed and edited at any point from any location; a quick blog update can be done while vacationing away from office or home; a promotion or a special offer can be added or removed with a 3G connection while commuting on a train or between flights.
Mobility is not just the future; it is here now to stay! The latest Google algorithm rewards mobile websites with higher SERP ranking. We can empower you to stay ahead of the curve and many of your competitors. So take advantage of the mobile revolution: bring us your website for a responsive revamp. It will cost your business far less than being left behind.