Designing a new logo is one of our most challenging, but most rewarding, tasks. It is the essence of substance, the Haiku of graphic design, the quintessential graphical symbolism. Despite years of expertise in logo design, creating the perfect logo could be a matter of inspiration or perspiration if that strikingly good idea doesn't descend upon us immediately.
Sometimes a client comes to us with a very persistent, but unfeasible, logo vision. The challenge of first deconstructing an untenable concept and replacing it with one that will truly serve the client's branding interest can be a difficult and time consuming process requiring great patience and gentle persuasion. However, we believe that making the initial investment of time and effort to find the perfect solution is always in the client’s best interest and well worth it.
A great logo has the ability to propel powerful marketing campaigns.  It is the seed that can germinate into a whole branding concept and become instantly recognizable on posters and billboards, as well as collaterals and promotional giveaways such as t-shirts, and street level visuals such as awnings. The synergy of a great logo idea combined with a clever slogan can become the hook for thousands of fans and followers of a business.
Image Factory creates enterprise-class identity and branding solutions for impactful, iconic, and memorable brand representations. Our logos are simple, yet clearly defined, individualized and unique, the eye-catching, indelible symbol of your business.  We offer a full branding package for our corporate clients that includes:
  • Brand Concept Consulting and Development
  • Naming, Tagline and Slogan Development
  • Logo Design and Identity
  • Company Branding
  • Corporate Identity and Collateral
  • Signage, Large Scale Ads, Environmental Design