SEO & Online Advertising

Just as the outer space is now adrift with “space junk,” cyberspace and the Internet are a huge data wasteland with millions of abandoned or wrecked webpages drifting in darkness, no longer indexed by search engines, destined to never again see the "light" of any screen, nor be visited by any user. On another level are those unfortunate, forever invisible, websites which still have a misguided master - a living soul who has lost all hope of getting any use from them and has given up on the money and work invested.
You may see your situation in this description and attribute the problem to your aged website.  However, it may not be age at all, but simply poor design.  At Image Factory, we are proud to testify that venerable web pages designed by us 10 years ago still appear at the top of search results.  The good news is that a bad website, unlike bad genes in living creatures, can be easily repaired and rise to the top.

The Alexa graph above illustrates a typical popularity evolution of any new or revamped website we develop.  A jump from an abyssal 14 million popularity position in Alexa to a ranking below 400K in just about four months might look spectacular for many, but is pretty common for our websites. It is no miracle, and we don't stay up at night with our fingers crossed and candles lit. It is simply diligent SEO based on expertise and continuous research. There is no magic formula, only the rigorous implementation of search engine requirements. It is hard collaborative work, both for us and for those of our clients who care. We must do our share, but it does not stop there: the client must add quality content and be proactive in acquiring back-links. Following our guidance, a good client will list the website on dozens of free directories to gain visibility, great referral sources, and relevance and credibility in all major SERPs. 

Since 2004, Image Factory has been providing search engine marketing and website optimization services.  We joyfully continue our collaboration with all our first customers who return to us time and time again for advice. That is a testimony to the value we place on personal relations and the personal touch.