Tools to harness information

Computers understand data and Image Factory understands computers. For many of our clients, computers are still such mysterious and convoluted tools that they use them only for basic functions such as word processing, e-mail, and browsing the net. But Image Factory can move clients beyond the basics and empower them with instruments that can dramatically change their ability to manage all their business operations. The real power of the computer is in the analysis, organization, and management of data, automation of access, and generation of information in such a way as to give users insight into all the complex pieces and processes of their businesses. The computer’s ability to understand and use databases makes this possible. At the Image Factory, we create applications that use databases and make them work for our customers. All Content Management Systems and Online Management Systems developed by us have the backbone of databases, intelligent storage rooms of your data interconnected with each other with the ability to analyze information and feed it to any required format.

While computers have enormous capacities to process data, Image Factory has the brains, the most advanced human tool, to make them work for you.