Image Factory / Miscellaneous


In its 15 years Image Factory has evolved from a tiny graphic design firm to a full service agency covering the complete spectrum of online presence and marketing. Today Image Factory is a multifaceted brand recognized for technological innovation, sound marketing solutions, reliability, and resourceful ideas in all areas of design. This has been a steady development, as we have added more and more skills, enlarging our areas of expertise to keep pace with the increasing challenges of the ever evolving technology.


If you are a perfectionist you will understand why it took us nearly 15 years to settle on our logo. Along these years. many ideas have been floated, but nothing came close enough to what in our vision could perfectly illustrate our brand throughout these transitions and evolution.


Our new logo has it all: the flawless originating square shape, the dynamism of the diagonal symmetry,  the crossroad of ideas, and the converging technology symbol of the center pointing arrows. All this sense of perfection comes to contrast with the ambiguity of the word IF formed by our initials: our mindset remains open for new and for change. We work in a fluid world creating enhanced reflections of reality, swift eye-catching visuals, fleeting positive user experiences in the moments between clicks.
We find that both our new logo and website represents Image Factory's fusion between art, design, technology, and marketing.